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Studying and teaching Informatics

Since the academic year 2017/2018, the subject of Informatics has been taught at German Gymnasiums in the 7th form, and since the academic year 2018/2019 at all types of secondary schools I. In addition, since the academic year 2019/2020, Informatics has been introduced as an elective subject in forms 8 to 10 at German Hauptschulen, Werkrealschulen, and Realschulen after having been taught as a compulsory subject in 7th form.

Studying Informatics at our university qualifies you as a future teacher to teach Informatics as a school subject at a high technical and didactic level. All courses combine subject-specific scientific knowledge with sound teaching practice.

The bachelor's programme in Teacher Education for Secondary Schools I provides students with basic competencies in Informatics. These include programming, algorithms, computer engineering, theoretical computer science, and databases. In addition, teaching methodology and courses such as informatics education form an essential part of the bachelor's programme.

  • M1: Fundamentals of Informatics 1
  • M2: Fundamentals of Informatics 2
  • M3: Fundamentals of Informatics 3
  • M4: Applied Informatics 1
  • M5: Applied Informatics 2

The master's programme in Teacher Education for Secondary Schools I focuses on teaching methodology and application-related topics from the field of Informatics.

  • M1: Informatics in Education
  • M2: Specialised Teaching Methodology
  • M3: Applied Informatics 3
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