Zwei Studierende begleiten Schülerinnen und Schüler in einem Laborraum bei praktischen Übungen

Teaching and Learning Labs

A special feature of our university are the seven Teaching and Learning Labs (TLL). These are learning environments outside the classroom for day-care children and pupils, where new educational approaches and teaching concepts for the STEM subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Informatics, Mathematics, and Physics) are being tested and evaluated within the context of research in the field of didactics.

This way, we connect theory and practice in teaching and promote both our students' knowledge in teaching methodology and their perceived self-efficacy.

The Teaching and Learning Labs form an integral part of our unique profile areas.

By preparing learning sessions, implementing them in real-world scenarios with day-care children and pupils, while being supervised by competent lecturers, and then reflecting on them, students acquire key competencies in educational sciences that are relevant to their future professional life – whether they are going to work in schools or in other sectors of education.

Apart from that, the educational staff and teachers visiting our university with their day-care children or pupils benefit from the input of new ideas for innovative educational approaches that we have developed.

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Last updated: 04.01.2024
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